Custom Gaming Computers

Custom Gaming Computers

Custom Gaming Computers in Surrey​

Unleash your gaming potential with PC Plus Computing's custom gaming computers. Tailor every aspect of your rig to your exact specifications, from graphics cards to cooling solutions. With overclocking capabilities, advanced cooling systems, and a range of customization options, our builds are designed for peak performance and aesthetics. Experience the power of customization and elevate your gaming experience with PC Plus Computing.

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Custom Gaming Computers

PC Plus Computing Provides can build and design computers as per your needs. Each custom build gaming PC is built and rigorously tested in-house by our passionate and highly experienced system builders and Certified Techs. Our configurations use only the most reliable components and configurations from our extensive testing to ensure reliability and maximum compatibility. Each selection offers you a choice of the best hardware components on the market.

Custom Computer Build

Custom Computer Build

Tailored solutions for your dream PC. Our experts craft custom computer builds with precision and expertise. Contact us for personalized computing excellence.

Gaming Computer Repair

Gaming Computer Repair

Specialized gaming computer repair services. Our certified technicians swiftly diagnose and fix issues, ensuring your gaming rig performs at its best.

Gaming Computer Upgrade

Gaming Computer Upgrade

We can improve the Performance of your gaming computer to it full potential.Having issue with your Gaming Computers to play your favourite games. Call us now

Gaming PC Vancouver

Gaming PC Vancouver

Tailored solutions for your dream PC. Our experts craft custom computer builds with precision and expertise. Contact us for personalized computing excellence.

we provide Gaming PC repair in Surrey by pc plus computing

Gaming PC Surrey

Specialized gaming computer repair services. Our certified technicians swiftly diagnose and fix issues, ensuring your gaming rig performs at its best.

Gaming PC Langley

Gaming PC Langley

We can improve the Performance of your gaming computer to it full potential.Having issue with your Gaming Computers to play your favourite games. Call us now

Custom Build PC in Surrey

Your Trusted Computer Repair Service in Surrey

If you are in need of a custom gaming pc or a powerful PC that can handle demanding tasks such as gaming, VR3D modelling and photo, video or music editing, our custom gaming pc builder service specializes in building custom gaming PC’s built to exact specifications. Let us know what you will be using the PC for and we can combine hand-picked components for superior performance. Our Each Computer is tested by in-house gamer to make sure your computer performing to its full potential.

Custom Gaming PC Builder

PC Plus Computing has been helping our customers to build custom pc for last  20 years. Our Computer Tech have a wealth of knowledge and training, gathering clients’ requirements to ensure each computer is unique and built specifically for you.

Whatever your need for a high-end machine, our engineers will build your PC from scratch using only the highest quality components and every PC is thoroughly bench tested before it leaves for delivery. This means you get a rock-solid system without any bloatware and it’s ready to go out of the box. We will make sure your computer is reliable.
Throughout the build and installation process, a dedicated engineer will be on-hand to discuss build requirements or to resolve any issues you may encounter quickly.
For peace of mind, our custom PC’s come with a 1-year parts warranty.
We also build Custom Computer and Custom Servers to meet your business needs

Build Your Custom Gaming PC

Custom Gaming Computers: Unleashing Your Gaming Potential

In the realm of gaming, performance is key. Whether you’re diving into the latest AAA title or engaging in competitive online battles, having the right hardware can make all the difference. This is where custom gaming computers come into play, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to tailor their rigs to their exact specifications and gaming needs. PC Plus Computing is at the forefront of this movement, empowering gamers to unleash their full potential with bespoke gaming machines.

Why Go Custom?

Off-the-shelf gaming PCs certainly have their appeal, but they often come with compromises. These pre-built systems may not feature the specific components or level of customization desired by gamers seeking peak performance. Custom gaming computers, on the other hand, allow for meticulous selection of every aspect of the system, from the processor and graphics card to the cooling solution and aesthetics.

Tailored Performance

The heart of any gaming rig is its hardware. With custom builds, gamers can select components based on their individual preferences and performance requirements. Whether you prioritize raw processing power, high-resolution gaming, or lightning-fast frame rates, customization enables you to build a system optimized for your gaming style.

Graphics Dominance

For many gamers, the graphics card is the cornerstone of their system. Custom builds provide the flexibility to choose from a wide range of GPUs, ensuring that your gaming rig delivers the visual fidelity and performance you demand. Whether you prefer NVIDIA’s GeForce series or AMD’s Radeon lineup, PC Plus Computing offers the latest and most powerful graphics cards on the market.

Overclocking Potential

Enthusiasts looking to squeeze every last drop of performance from their hardware will appreciate the overclocking capabilities of custom gaming computers. With carefully selected components and advanced cooling solutions, PC Plus Computing can help unlock the full overclocking potential of your CPU and GPU, providing a significant boost to gaming performance.

Advanced Cooling Solutions

Efficient cooling is essential for maintaining optimal performance and longevity, especially during intense gaming sessions. PC Plus Computing offers a range of advanced cooling solutions, from liquid cooling systems to high-performance air coolers, ensuring that your custom gaming computer stays cool under pressure.

Aesthetics and Customization

Beyond performance, custom gaming computers allow for personalization and aesthetics. Whether you prefer a sleek and minimalist design or a bold and eye-catching aesthetic, PC Plus Computing offers a variety of customization options, including RGB lighting, custom paint jobs, and premium chassis designs, allowing you to build a gaming rig that reflects your unique style.


One of the significant advantages of custom gaming computers is their ability to adapt and evolve over time. With modular components and upgradability, PC Plus Computing ensures that your gaming rig remains relevant and competitive for years to come. Whether it’s swapping out a graphics card for the latest model or upgrading to a faster CPU, custom builds offer unparalleled flexibility and longevity.

The PC Plus Computing Difference

At PC Plus Computing, we understand that gaming is more than just a hobby—it’s a passion. That’s why we’re committed to delivering the highest quality custom gaming computers tailored to the unique needs of each gamer. With a focus on performance, customization, and reliability, PC Plus Computing empowers gamers to push the boundaries of what’s possible and unlock their full gaming potential.


In the world of gaming, performance reigns supreme. Custom gaming computers from PC Plus Computing offer enthusiasts the opportunity to build their dream gaming rigs, optimized for performance, customization, and longevity. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, PC Plus Computing has the expertise and experience to bring your gaming vision to life. Experience the power of customization and unleash your gaming potential with a custom gaming computer from PC Plus Computing.

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What our Clients think.

“I was looking for someone to Build my Gaming Computer for my son and Called Pc Plus Computing. I very happy with quality of build. All the wiring was nice and tidy. Computer was setup 100%. Thank you for helping my son. They even help me after setting up printer and other things remotely at no cost. Great Customer service, Great Value for $$ ,Professional Advice and amazing experience”

Alicia Green

Building Gaming PC

“I called Paul to fix my Macbook Pro with Broken screen and Crashed Drive. He was so professional very knowledgeable in his field.
I was really impressed with his level of knowledge, Customer Service and Rates.
Guys if you Need computer Repair for apple, mac window, Linux or server give him call.
He is also expert in data recovery Business. He can recover your data from any device. They Can recover Data from any type of hard drive or usb”

Ashlee Randall

Broken Mac Screen

“Paul and his associate has been very accommodating and helpful towards us. He helped us fix our PC after struggling for days of attempting to figure out what was wrong with it. He thoroughly advice us for future PC maintenance and parts. I look forward to being a long term customer with them.”

Adam Collins

PC Repair

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