WD External Hard Drive Data Recovery

Western Digital USB Hard Drive Data Recovery 


Western Digital (WD) Elements Portable Hard Drive is a very popular kind of portable hard drive. These Drives are very common and affordable. Most of them are big capacity and fast data transfer speed, this portable hard drive is widely used for data storage & transfer. But data loss can happen on any kind of device including WD Elements Portable Hard Drive, of course. There are many reasons behind data loss, but in most cases th,e data has not been lost permanently. Once you find the right solution, you can completely recover lost files from WD Elements portable hard drive.

Data Loss Scenarios on WD Elements Portable Hard Drive

  • Lose data on WD Elements portable hard drive due to deletion.
  • Format the WD Elements portable hard drive by accident.
  • The WD Elements portable hard drive is infected by a virus.
  • File system crashed on WD Elements portable hard drive.
  • Lose data due to improper operations like pulling out WD Elements portable hard drive when it is transfer data with computer.
  • Unexpected power off.
  • USB PCB stop working 
  • Firmware Corruption
  • Damaged head

Common Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery Services Include:

  • Mechanical Hard Drive Failures
  • Head Crash Causing Platter Damage
  • Deleted Files and Partitions
  • Disk Reformatting
  • File Overwrites
  • Firmware corruption
  • Physical Damage From Fire or Water
  • Accidental File Deletion 
  • Operating System Corruption
  • Blue/Black Screen Of Death
  • All WD Makes & Models: Passport, Red, Blue, Black, My Book, SanDisk, etc

We Can Recover Data in all of the different types of the WD Hard drives.

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