Computer Screen Repair Surrey

Computer Screen Repair

Computer Screen Repair in Surrey

Pc Plus Computing we offer Computers, Desktop, Laptop, Macbooks, MacBook Pro, iMac Screen repairs, and tablets. We provide services including physical and water damage repairs, data recovery services, virus, spyware removal, cleaning, computer updates, data recovery, and software fixes.

Pc Plus Computing is an industry leader for Laptop Repair in Surrey. Pc Plus Computing offers expert laptop repair, upgrade and data recovery services. All Pc Plus Computing technicians collectively have more than 20 years of hands-on laptop repair experience.

Whether your laptop needs a new display, hard drive, optical drive, memory upgrade, logic board, battery, data recovery, or other laptop repair service, Pc Plus Computing has got you covered. And at the lowest price and quickest turnaround you’ll find — by the fastest, friendliest and most knowledgeable laptop repair techs in Surrey.

Our process and turnaround times are completely transparent and we aim to be your one-stop shop for all your electronic repair needs whether you have a MacBook, Mac, iPad, iPhones, Smartphones, PCs or laptops.

Laptop Screen Repair

Broken Laptop Screen? We can help! We can replace your screen if it’s cracked, dim, darwhite, displaying lines, or any other problem. Did you accidentally crack your laptop lcd screen?. Laptop screen are very fragile and can be damaged very easily. The laptop screen can be broken easily by stepping on it, closing the screen too fast, putting heavy objects on top of the laptop or simply falling on the floor. We offer solutions for the following services:

  • laptop Cracked Screen
  • Backlight not working
  • Vertical Lines on the screen 
  • Horizontal lines on the screen
  • Fuzzy Images
  • Distorted display
  • And Lines on the screen
  • Broken Hinges
  • Broken LCD Screen Bezel
  • Broken LCD screen brackets

If you have any of the above symptoms, then we can arrange for a pick up from your home or office, replace the screen and will deliver it back to you as quickly as possible.

We support all Makes and Models of Laptops

  • We replace all laptop & netbook brands screens  from 10.1″ to 17.3″ screen size
  • We use only the highest quality, brand new grade “A” laptop screens.
  • Most screens have a 3 year warranty.
  • Our Screens are installed by Certified Professionals

MacBook Screen Repair

We offer offers economical, out-of-warranty repairs for all Apple MacBook laptops. We fully support all your Apple Mac computer problems, whether you own a MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Macbook Pro Retina 13 or 15 inch, Mac Mini, iMac or Mac Pro.

Pc Plus Computing  provide full range of MacBook repair services. Our Goal is to deliver a solution to your MacBook repair needs with quick turnaround and professional service. Our expert technicians have 10+ years of experience and are here to help you with anything Apple and beyond!

if you need a MacBook screen repair. We fix all broken MacBook and MacBook Pro screens even if they are in pretty bad shape. We are experienced and able to replace the screen with another one built by an OEM manufacturer.

Once the screen is replaced your MacBook screen will look exactly like the day you bought it.

We love supporting and helping our customers get the most our of their technology.

Phone Screen Repair

Pc Plus Computing most trusted cell phone repair center offering quality repairs at competitive pricing. We specialize in iPhone, iPad and Samsung Screen repairs. That is not all we do. We can repair most any hardware malfunction on your cell phone or iPad no matter what your issue, we offer quick and professional service with most repairs.

Tablet Screen Repair

Pc Plus Computing is recognized as a reputed cell phone repair company that not only reliable with fast service but is also reasonable and honest. We use advanced & state of the art technology to repair all cell phones be it iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Nexus, and all other brands. Our highly trained cell phone repair technicians can deal with any type of servicing or repair of all cell phones including water damage.

Our experts can also un-lock almost every cell phone present in the market regardless of the network it is locked to. We will also fix any software issue you might have on any phone or tablet.

In addition to the above, some other services we provide for any device or electronic is as follows:

  • laptop Battery Replacement
  • Fix drones
  • Repair circuit boards
  • Replace iPad
  • Tablet screens
  • Black Berry Repair
  • iPad
  • Unlock phones

We Can Fix all makes and models of computers

Same Day Repairs on Most models
Drop It Off or Mail It In – You Decide
Only High-Quality Parts
Specially Trained Staff
Free Estimates
Buy / Sell / Trade Your Current Device
Local Service
Limited Lifetime Warranty

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