Desktop Upgrades

PC Plus Computing offers award-winning desktop upgrades.  We are proud to offer fast turnaround and same-day repairs.  Furthermore, we offer reliable and affordable upgrades in Surrey, BC and throughout the Lower Mainland.  To add on, we have technicians that have over 20 years of experience and knowledge in computer upgrades.  Besides that, we can do all sorts of upgrades to your computer such as RAM, motherboard, SSD, or hard drive, etc.   We keep all the essential parts for upgrades in stock and can guarantee less waiting times for our customers.  All repairs, however, will come with a warranty.

Why do our Computers Need Upgrades?

There are many reasons why computers like ours need certain upgrades.  Below are listed some of the reasons:

  1. Performance Increase: This will help the computer run faster and more smoothly overall.
  2. Adding Memory: This helps to run the programs more efficiently and effectively
  3. May be necessary to upgrade it in order to meet system or game system requirements

Upgrades that can be done to Computers

  1. RAM Upgrades: Its the easiest and accessible upgrade that one can make to a PC. Upgrading this will help deliver an instant performance boost to your PC if it’s running slow.
  2.  SSD Upgrade: This will allow you to get faster storage.
  3.  Processor Upgrade: Upgrade it to the latest generation.
  4.  Software Upgrade: Upgrading the software to the latest version.
  5. Power Supply Upgrade:  Upgrade your power supply for more power.
  6. Motherboard Upgrade. For the latest generations.

Desktop Upgrade in Surrey

We provide complete solution for your Desktop Upgrade. We can upgrade your desktop to give you much better performance and less down time. Our Goal is to give you Best Quality Service .

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