Laptop DC Jack Repair

Laptop DC Jack Repair Surrey

We Provide complete DC Jack repair for all Laptops. if You are looking for DC Jack repair in surrey. Please give us call 604-760-1662
dc jack repair
DC Jack Repair Surrey

What does a laptop DC Power Jack do?

The DC power jack is a important part of your laptop, allowing you to charge your battery and provide a steady power supply.if DC Jack is faulty Laptop will not get Power

Common causes of power jack damage

  • Crack Casing
  • Loosening of parts over time
  • When the charger pin is pushed in
  • Power jack was not soldered well
  • Wrong Charger used

Types of power jack damage

  • Internal pins of power jack are damaged
  • Entire jack is damaged
  • DC-in jack generates sparks or gets hot
  • DC jack came out of the laptop
  • Loose pins on charger
  • Connection between jack and circuit is burnt

Signs of laptop power jack is bad?

Since there are many types of power jack damage you can find on your laptop, so there are different signs.

  • Laptop does not power on
  • Power flickers on and off
  • Switching between battery power and adapter
  • Need to wiggle or support the charging cable in the socket
  • DC power jack only works at a certain angle
  • Battery won’t charge
  • Unable to run the laptop on AC power
  • Produce sparks after inserting the adapter into the power jack
  • Laptop shuts down suddenly

You must solve these problems immediately. Call DC Jack Repair near 

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