MacBooks Screen Repair

MacBook Screen Repair

We provide full range of MacBook repair services. Our Goal is to deliver a perfect solution to your MacBook repair needs with the best turnaround and professional service. Our technicians have many years of combined experience and are here to help you with anything Apple and laptop Screen Repair. We love supporting and helping our customers get the most our of their technology. Our team always try the best solution for our customers.

MacBook Screen Repair:– In the event that you are searching for Macbook Repair or upgrade for your Mac in Lower Mainland, at that point look no further. PC Plus Computing offers quick turnaround for Macbook Screen Repair at moderate costs. We offer Screen Repair for all makes and models of Macbook, Macbook Air and iMac.

The most well-known fix for Apple MacBook is LCD screen substitution. These are astounding screens and they are defenseless to incidental harms. Unplanned drops may cause vertical lines on the screen or it can go totally clear.

At PC Plus Computing, we have great OEM screens and show congregations in stock, and we can reestablish your gadget to its unique state inside a brief span outline. You can depend on us to offer aggressive estimating on OEM parts that are most appropriate for your gadget.

We need following information for the Macbook Screen.

  1. Model of the Mac normally these models are imprinted on the back of your macbook and start with A
  2. Year of the macbook Model
  3. Color of your Macbook
  4. Serial No if possible.

Macbook Repair

PC Plus computing provide complete repair services for macbook. Your Mac will be overhauled to the most elevated standard of value and your fulfillment with our work is ensured.

Mac PCs are famous for their dependability, nonetheless, sooner or later, electronic equipment can come up short and in any case, that is the thing that we work in. Shortcomings can shift from hard drive disappointments, optical drive disappointments, rationale board disappointments, harms from water or different fluids to give some examples. Notwithstanding the kind of flaw, we give you free diagnostics of your Mac PC before any fixes a made.

We Offers Following Repair Services for your Macbook

  1. MacBook Air Screen Repairs | Screen Replacement
  2. MacBook Air SSD Upgrade | Replacement
    • Remove your faulty HDD or SSD
    • Recover Your Data using Macbook Data Recovery
    • Install a brand new compatible hard drive
    • Reinstall Mac OS X
    • Data Back up and transfer
  3. MacBook Air Logic Board Repairs | Replacement
  4. MacBook Air Keyboard and Touch pad Repairs | Replacement
    • Replace missing key
    • Replace or repair unresponsive keys
    • Replace or repair sticky key due to liquid damage
  5. MacBook Air Power Board Repairs ( if repairable )
    • Remove burned or broken power jack
    • Repair or replace new Mac Laptop power jack
  6. MacBook Air Hinge Repairs
  7. MacBook Overheating Repairs
    • Clean dust, Oil up the bearing
    • Replace Fan if required (parts excluded)
  8. MacBook parts Replacement | Upgrade
    • Assess your need and recommend the most suitable option for you
    • Individual parts removed and installation
  9. MacBook Air Data recovery / backup service
  10. Macbook Software upgrade

We offer Complete Solution for your Macbook Repair

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