Custom Built PC in Surrey

Custom Gaming Computers

PC Plus Computing Provides can build and design computers as per your needs. Each custom build gaming PC is built and rigorously tested in-house by our passionate and highly experienced system builders and Certified Techs. Our configurations use only the most reliable components and configurations from our extensive testing to ensure reliability and maximum compatibility. Each selection offers you a choice of the best hardware components on the market.

 Custom Gaming PC Builder

If you are in need of a custom gaming pc or a powerful PC that can handle demanding tasks such as gaming, VR3D modelling and photo, video or music editing, our custom gaming pc builder service specializes in building custom gaming PC’s built to exact specifications. Let us know what you will be using the PC for and we can combine hand-picked components for superior performance. Our Each Computer is tested by in-house gamers to make sure your computer performing to its full potential.

Build Your Custom Gaming PC

PC Plus Computing has been helping our customers to build custom pc for last  20 years. Our Computer Tech have a wealth of knowledge and training, gathering clients’ requirements to ensure each computer is unique and built specifically for you.

Whatever your need for a high-end machine, our engineers will build your PC from scratch using only the highest quality components and every PC is thoroughly bench tested before it leaves for delivery. This means you get a rock-solid system without any bloatware and it’s ready to go out of the box. We will make sure your computer is reliable.

Throughout the build and installation process, a dedicated engineer will be on-hand to discuss build requirements or to resolve any issues you may encounter quickly. 

For peace of mind, our custom PC’s come with a 1-year parts warranty.

We also build Custom Computer and Custom Servers to meet your business needs

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