Water Damaged Laptop

Water Damaged Laptop

  • Turn off the power immediately
  • If it has an external battery, remove it at once
  • Turn the laptop upside down
  • Bring it to us and do not power the laptop up again until it is service

Laptop water Damage Repair

  We want to make sure there is no moisture in the motherboard before we proceed with any diagnostics. We clean the Laptop Motherboard and all other component and then we dry all the parts. Our Computer Tech and Data recovery expert both check the laptop and also check if are able to fix the laptop or we can recover the data.

How to Save Your Computer From Liquid Damage: 7 Fast Steps

Wondering what to do if you spill water on your computer? If you want to prevent permanent liquid damage, you’ll need to act quickly. Here are six steps to take as soon as the accident happens:

1. Turn the Computer Off

Turning the computer off-limits the likelihood of circuit damage, and can help prevent your computer from shorting out. Be sure also to remove the charging cable from a laptop.

2. Unplug Any Accessories

If you have a mouse, keyboard, or external hard drive connected to the computer, remove it immediately. This prevents damage to external accessories and keeps your data safe.

3. Invert the Affected Area

If you can, turn the portion of the computer that got wet upside down. For example, if you dumped water on your PC’s keyboard, you’ll want to flip it over and use a book or similar object to prop it up. If it’s your laptop that was affected, keep the computer open and balance it upside down on its screen and bottom edge, with the keyboard facing down. This will prevent water from making its way deeper into the computer.

If it’s your laptop that was affected, keep the computer open and balance it upside down on its screen and bottom edge, with the keyboard facing down. This will prevent water from making its way deeper into the computer.

4. Sop up Extra Liquid

Using a towel or absorbent cloth, gently pat any pools of liquid dry. Be sure to pay particular attention to the keyboard and spaces between the keys.

5. Open the Case to Allow the Computer to Dry

If you have a computer that allows it, open the computer case to allow the spill to air out. Some computers, like Mac laptops, for example, can be difficult or impossible to open, so you may want to call a computer repair technician, instead.

If you can get the computer open, allow it to dry for a full 24-48 hours before attempting to put it back together and turn it on.

6. If the Laptop Won’t Work, Call the Experts

Sometimes, water damage is severe enough that, no matter what you do, your computer won’t turn back on. In this case, it’s important to call your local computer repair shop for data recovery and computer repair

An expert will be able to evaluate the damage to your system and help you save or backup your data if it’s still accessible. While water damage can ruin a computer completely, many can recover after an accident like this.

7. Do not Turn on your Laptop

       When ever there is any liquid spill on your laptop do not ask  turn on your laptop unless it is inspected  by Certified Computer Tech

3 Tips to Keep Your Computer Safe From Liquid Damage

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and nowhere is it truer than with liquid damage. To keep your computer safe from soggy situations, follow these helpful tips:

  1. Put a lid on drinks. If you’re going to drink at your computer, put a lid on your beverage. This helps prevent catastrophic spills and keep messes contained.
  2. Don’t put your computer in a bag or backpack. Many liquid accidents happen when people put their computer into a purse or backpack with a poorly-sealed water bottle. To avoid this, keep your computer separate, or double-check the bottle’s lid before you take off.
  3. Never leave drinks unattended on your desk. If you have curious cats or kids, leaving a glass of water unattended on your desk could spell death for your laptop. Take your beverages with you when you exit the room.

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Water Damaged Laptop
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Water Damaged Laptop
We can repair Water Damaged Laptop or can even recover your important data from the water damaged laptop.
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