Computer Assembly Services

Computer Assembly Services

PC Plus Computing provide computer assembly for all types of computers and servers. Please let me know if you need help with computer Assembly. We can Design System of your Dream as per your requirement.

For the most demanding gamer we can build a machine to achieve your desired specifications. Whether you are interested in the more competitive side of game or you prefer a more casual experience.

We’ll take care of your trusty desktop, inside and out. From cleaning to hardware installation to reinstalling your favorite operating system, we’ve got all your needs covered. And if you’re looking for a major upgrade, we can even build you a whole new custom desktop from the ground up.

We guarantee a turnaround time of 48 hours or less on Hardware Replacement and Upgrade.

computer assembly services

We are best in Computer Repairs

Surrey Data Recovery  and PC Plus Computing  has been helping small businesses  in surrey, Langley, newton, white rock, New Westminster and Barnaby for almost 15 years. We provide support to our  home and Business users with computer repair, hardware repair , software configuration, and network solutions. We provide Mobile service to all our customers. Read More


We work with computer everyday and it happens to most of them that computer just stop working. Some cased this is due to hard drive failure.if your hard drive has crashed and you think you’ve lost all your data we are often able to recover data using our data recovery tools and utilities. PC Plus Computing have the best team to serve you.

PC Plus Computing recognizes the importance of your data. Businesses today store vital information on computer systems. In the event of drive failure it is critical to be able to retrieve this information. Surrey Data Recovery and  PC Plus Computing Solutions Hard Drive Data Recovery have a well-deserved reputation for its quality data recovery services. We can recover data from most types of media, including server, desktop, and notebook hard disk drives including IDE, SATA, and SCSI. PC Plus Computing data recovery services include support of all windows operating systems.

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